Answers to common questions.

Why choose a tour with SouthEast Adventure?

We strive to make your time with us a highlight of your visit to coastal Georgia. Since 1994 it has been our primary goal to safely share the wonder of our unique area with our guests. We like to say that “Coastal Georgia has a huge trail system… it’s just all wet” and the best way to truly see it is from something that floats. Visit our testimonials and media pages to see what others have written about SouthEast Adventure.

How hard is kayaking and what if I am a beginner?

Kayaking is a very beginner friendly sport. We have taken countless beginners on all of our tours. Every tour begins with an introduction and lesson in essential skills – and your guides will be with you on the tour for questions and more help. Our 2 and 3 hour tours are specifically designed to be suitable for beginners – but are wonderful for anyone. Some of our longer tours can be more challenging than others – we can help you choose the perfect tour for your group.

What are your store hours?

Our St. Simons store is open every day from 10 until 6, except for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day. Our Brunswick Boathouse Store is open every Saturday 10-5pm and often more in the Spring/Summer. You can always make a reservation if you would like to look at kayaks or schedule a tour. Village Creek Landing is open by reservation only at this time.

Do you have age limits?

Our 2 and 3 hour tours can accommodate children as young as 5 – we have taken younger and will talk about it with you. Typically children under 12 accompany an adult in a tandem kayak. Questions about children on our longer tours can be discussed with us and are a possibility. We offer a $10 discount for kids 12 and under on our tours.

Can I rent a kayak and what are your rates?

We rent kayaks during business hours from our Brunswick store‘s dock and from Village Creek Landing by reservation – all rentals are weather dependent. Here is a link to our rates. SEA also has a large fleet of tandem kayaks that can be rented by groups looking to do a self-guided multi-day trip in Coastal Georgia.

Do you offer shuttle service and what are your rates?

We can run shuttles by reservation and assign rates and conditions as appropriate. Please contact us with your specific need.

Do you offer tours year- round?

Yes. We schedule tours every day throughout the year. The ambient conditions in Fall, Winter, and Spring in Coastal Georgia can be perfect for our day trips and multi-day trips. Hot summer weather is moderated by our cooling sea breezes. The warmer it is, the more we recommend shorter tours close to the coast.

Do you have group rates?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more, and a 15% discount for groups of 20 or more. SEA has the capacity to accommodate up to 60 or more paddlers at a time depending on the trip!

How bad does weather have to be to cancel a trip?

Your safety and comfort is our primary concern. We consider the route, water and air temperatures, the wind speed and its direction, the forecast, and watch the weather radar closely when warranted. Our policy is that we’d rather cancel a trip and the weather not be as bad as we thought than run a trip and conditions deteriorate. We will try to make a definitive weather call within two hours of your scheduled tour. If we cancel a trip you will get a full refund or we can reschedule.

Can I bring my own kayak on a tour?

If your kayak is appropriate for the tour you have chosen, you can bring your own kayak for a discount of $10 from the price of the trip. Please contact us for details!

What should I bring on our kayaking tour?

You should always bring a sun hat, sunscreen, a water bottle, and shoes that can get wet and stay on your feet (preferably not flip flops). Teva-like sandals, tennis shoes, and neoprene shoes are great. Cooler weather will warrant a windbreaker or fleece, warm hat, gloves that can get wet. Optional stuff: sunglasses, snacks, dry bag, bug spray, binoculars, camera.

Why do I have to wear shoes?

Sharp oyster beds are common along the Georgia Coast and are frequently seen on our tours. The possibility of cutting your feet on an oyster bed is reduced by wearing shoes that stay on your feet. It can also reduce the rub of your heels on the bottom of the kayak as you paddle.

What should I bring on our boat ride?

A hat and sunscreen is recommended. Cooler weather will warrant a windbreaker or fleece. Optional: sunglasses, snacks, binoculars, and a camera. We’ll have a cooler with ice on board and water to drink. Feel free to bring additional beverages of your choice.

I’m going camping, what should I bring?

Here is a link to our Participant Camping List. This is a great guide but will be elaborated on for you when you sign up for a specific tour. If you choose to bring your own camping gear, we have to verify that it will be appropriate for the trip.

Where do we meet for our tour?

3 hour kayak tour: Depending on the time of your tour, you will meet at one of two places. The bridge over Postell Creek on the East Beach Causeway – or- the entrance gate to the parking lot for the Old Coast Guard Station at East Beach. When you finalize your reservation, you will be told where to meet.

2 hour Brunswick kayak tour: You will meet at our Brunswick location at 1200 Glynn Ave (Hwy 17) next to Spanky’s Restaurant. Approximately 2 miles south of the St. Simons Causeway on highway 17.

Village Creek Landing: You will meet at: the end of South Harrington Rd, off of Frederica Rd. North of the Sea Island Causeway – take a right just after the landmark restuarant Bennies Red Barn on St. Simons Island!

What is your cancellation policy?

Click here!

Do you have an online waiver to print?

Yes, Click here!

Where do I find articles about SEA?

Click here!

Do you have customer testimonials?

Yes, Click here!

Where can I find your calendar?

Click here! But keep in mind that only some of our tours are listed – please contact us if you would like to reserve a tour that you do not see.

What type of kayaks do you use?

Most of our tours use sit-inside plastic touring kayaks with rudders – tandem and singles – 14 – 18ft. We also use sit on top kayaks on demand and if appropriate. Kayaks designed specifically for fishing are used for our Kayak Fishing Charters.

When are your daily kayak tours?

Our 2 and 3 hour kayak tours are scheduled daily and at times according to the tides (they are different every day). Here is a link to our online calendar as a good reference. For trips not listed on the calendar or for a custom trip – Contact us!

Should we use one or two person kayaks?

If you have a child 12 or under you will probably want to have a tandem kayak. For all others – a tandem kayak can be fun for folks wanting to share the experience as a team, for photographers, etc. One of the joys of kayaking is having the experience of being the captain of your own ship – so singles can be fun, too. Keep in mind that on some longer trips we require tandem kayaks.

Where do your tours go?

Our tours explore the myriad waterways and islands of beautiful coastal Georgia as well as the Satilla and Altamaha Rivers. With over a thousand miles of creeks and rivers within 25 miles there are plenty of areas to visit. Here is a link to our Maps page as well as our Tours page for more specifics.

What will we see on our tour?

The excitement of nature is its unpredictability! Every season along the Georgia Coast is unique and some things migrate, hibernate, change behaviors – some things don’t. Some of the many things you might see: dolphin, baby sharks, stingrays, manatee, seasonal birds, seasonal flora, cool things washed up on the beach, lots of different types of crabs, fish, turtles (diamondback terrapins – Loggerhead Sea Turtles), oysters, shrimp boats, nice folks, a full moon, an incredible sunrise or sunset!

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